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Fly Grand – South Grand Lake Regional Airport

The South Grand Lake Regional Airport (1K8) is strategically located for quick and easy access to Grand Lake Country by propeller or jet.

In a short period of time, the airport has been transformed from a sod strip with a pole barn hangar to a thriving airport including 5,200' x 60' lighted hard surface runway, 1200' x 80' sod strip, 1400' x 80' grass.

The airport is dedicated to service. There are no fees for operations, short term tie downs, or airport vehicle parking. A free shuttle and two crew cars available with notice. The terminal building restrooms are available 24–7 with VFR Squawk door code 1200. The airport will be glad to help with any needs or information and the web site has a link for area information.

Progress is in Continual Motion

Come and see for yourself, we think you will be impressed! Click to see our Growth & Improvements.

We Own Nothing

Consider annual donations and charitable bequests to the airport.

For Sale – Four Hangars – One Roof – Click for info.

Flying Club Survey – Click for info.


  • RNAV (GPS) RW 36, 289’. RW 18, 541’
  • Wilson Jones Memorial Garden

Airport Activity